Why do our Distance Learning Course?
  • This is one of the ways in which you can qualify as a field guide or, if you are one already, it provides a way to deepen your knowledge.
  • Learn about the wonders of the Southern African bushveld from anywhere in the world.
  • Study eighteen fascinating topics that include Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Arthropods, Trees, Grasses, Tracking, Astronomy and much, much more!
  • Start at any time and work through the electronic material at your own pace.
  • Enjoy interactive learning and personalised support from our Course co-ordinator.
  • Liaise with other students participating in the course via our social media network.
  • Gain additional knowledge and skills while working as a nature guide.
  • Attend an optional two week practical at our camp to put your theory into action!

When can I start the course?
You can start the Distance Learning Course (theory) at any time from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world! All the course content is based on Southern African biodiversity.

How is the course structured?
Work through the course one module at a time by downloading our notes in pdf format and reading through them, then doing a task. Some modules have a 30-minute online test and some have a research project, some have neither and some have both.

What is the optional two week practical for?
There is an optional two week practical based at our training camp (not included in the price of the theory) that can be done once you have completed 70% of the theory course, when you’re ready. This practical is compulsory if you would like to obtain a Field Guide qualification. If you would like to attend the practical with your partner, who has not done our theory course but who would like to spend two weeks in the bush, you are both most welcome.

Check out the information on the practical part of the course by clicking here

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