Luke Fadem (USA) - Field Guide Course - 2017

In my first week at ANT, I thought, “I can’t remember another week in which I’ve learned so much”. And things just got better from there.

This is one of the best, most professional organizations I know.

Claudia Gouws (SA) - Field Guide Course - 2017

Wow, what an absolute privilege to be doing nature training in this beautiful paradise, Thanda Safari.

Learning all about animal behaviour as well as the rich plant diversity of South Africa, whilst witnessing it every day under the guidance of our expert guides, is truly a dream come true!!

Love love love it!!!

Matthew Clifton (SA) - Field Guide Course - 2017

The course is very good and informative.

The instructors are helpful and make it very enjoyable.

Kyle Grobler (SA) - Field Guide Course - 2017

Never been so connected to the bush.

Living the dream of being where you want to be and constantly learning valuable information.

Awesome place and awesome people.

Greg Sims (SA) - Field Guide Course - 2017

Just one week in and having an awesome time!

Learning a lot and having a great time doing it!

I would definitely recommend this course!

Robbie and Liz Albers (parents of student Elzaan Albers) – Field Guide Course

I want to get right to the point. Please let me know where you installed Elzaan’s off-switch, she can’t stop talking about her experience.

We want to thank all the staff of ANT for a job well done, you have changed Elzaan’s life forever.

She has taken us on several virtual guided tours and her enthusiasm just rolls off her.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Robbie and Liz Albers (parents of student Elzaan Albers) – Field Guide Course

When looking at the web, I found 3 courses that appealed to me and after much deliberation I selected ANT. Having subsequently spoken to the professional guides at the lodge, over the two month duration of the course. I conclude that ANT was certainly one of the top two if not the best. There were a few significant pluses to ANT, including the privileged location, the fact that the group size is limited to 10, the fact that each person has their own tent and, best of all, the fact that the food was amazing… However, more important, the instructors were wonderful, the scope wider than expected and the pace of introduction of new material perfect. We were privileged that we had an excellent diligent, supportive and social group.

I certainly walked away with a sense of “better than expected”.

My only regret is that I did not deliberately fail, so I could have occasion to repeat the course – which is what a Doctor from London did – although he passed the second time…

Eelco Lodewijks – Field Guide Course

It was a great experience with some wonderful people.

Our trainers and hosts Conrad, Chanyn, Mandla and Bennie were outstanding and I learnt a lot from them. Their integrity and enthusiasm is quite evident and they are an asset to ANT.

Our animal encounters were excellent and done safely and ethically, also a credit to the hard work by Chanyn and Conrad.

It was nice to get back into the bush and revisit all the old skills.

Gary Lyon - Trails Guide Course

I can say that this course was a valuable experience that will live in my heart forever and I think ANT and its people were crucial in making that possible.

It wasn’t just a matter of putting me in front of an animal, it was about people and friendship.

Thank you!

Michael Sullivan – Trails Guide Course

Although Kirsten and I only had 3 days in the bush, we both enjoyed it!

For Kirsten it was a lot of new experiences, and for me it was great to be back in the bush and hearing all the animals at night etc.

I thought the camp was very well thought out, with attention to detail (solar powered lamps in the tent, recycling bags, the shower setup, flowers on our pillows, etc) and I appreciated its simplicity and comfort! The food was great too!

After being a guest on the course I would definitely recommend ANT!

Penny Pistorius – Trails Guide Contact Session (Guest)

What a wonderful experience the last two weeks have been – thought I would never get my feet clean again but pink is starting to show through 🙂 Will send you some pics when I have sorted through 2000 or so!?!

Great camp, wonderful people – Conrad, Chanyn, Bennie and Mandla, truly an unforgettable experience – thank you for making people’s dreams come true in providing the facilities.

Kim Philips – Correspondence Course (Distance Learning)

We had the most amazing experience, and can’t stop telling everyone about the time we spent at the ANT camp. What a privilege to spend two weeks learning in the bush.

We were looking forward to the practical, but it far exceeded our expectations.

The group were great as were the lectures & the lecturers.

Yvonne Driman – Correspondence Course (Distance Learning)

Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend and making my birthday celebration very special.

Johann Wilken – Track & Sign Course

Major city blues.

Thanks, the course was fantastic.

I loved it.

Ronelle Sauls – Track & Sign Course

The best news!

This was a really wonderful course. Chanyn & Conrad, your facilitation was outstanding.

Everyone on the course, thank you for the camaraderie and team spirit.

Lorraine & Nicky, thank you for allowing us to book at the last minute.