Hi there everyone!

The time has finally come and our FGASA level 1 course has begun. Our students have arrived at Nkombe camp in the Sabi Sands and are excited to learn and discover the wonders of nature… As soon as they got to camp, they were welcomed by a herd of elephant which made them feel right at home 🙂

After the orientation, we had Mandla’s lovely chicken “potjie”and spent some time getting to know one another around the fire. We have another great group of people and we are looking forward to opening new doors for great things to come.

The students have already completed first aid and taxonomy and are now busy with botany. The pieces of nature’s puzzle are slowly but surely coming together and the students are enjoying every second.

We have been extremely fortunate on our morning and afternoon/evening game drives in terms of incredible mammal and bird sightings. It has been less than a week and we have seen leopard almost every day as well as a group of lions this morning. That’s not to mention the beautiful elephant sightings as well as dwarf mongoose, zebra, giraffe, bushbabies and so many more!

Today we went for our usual morning game drive in the hopes of learning quite a few grasses and believe it or not, we got to see three male lions with two females and on the same road… another leopard! This is definitely the place to be if you haven’t seen leopard in the wild. After having some coffee and tea in the middle of the African bushveld (which is always an incredible experience!) we returned to camp to have some well earned flap-jacks. Not a bad start to a Sunday right?

The bush is still lush and full of life after the rainy season which is perfect for the students to learn grasses, trees and even insects which have been plentiful these past few days. To experience the changing of seasons is also a privilege and great for learning!

Now that the course is in full swing, things are getting more and more interesting and one thing is for sure… this is only the beginning and there is loads more to come!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!