Track and Sign Course


The course has been designed for guides and nature enthusaists alike and will add to all your future walking experiences in the bush. Since the course falls over a weekend, anyone can attend, no matter what your occupation.  The course is conducted from Intibane Camp, Thanda Safari and your instructor will be Massimo Rebuzzi, winner of the tracking and birding categories in Safari Guide of the year competition 2016, and one of six finalists.



The course focuses primarily on track and sign interpretation. This includes the identification of spoor (mammals, birds, arthropods, reptiles and amphibians) as well as dung, aging of tracks, direction, animal activity and behaviour, tracking principles and an introduction to trailing. The course teaches the art of tracking and how it can enhance your nature experience as a whole. On completion of this course you will:

Look at the natural environment with new eyes, being able to interpret the clues and signs left by animals in a whole new way.

Identify spoor and dung/scat as well as territorial or behavioural signs.

Enhance your overall situational awareness whilst broadening your animal behaviour knowledge.

Interpret olfactory, visual and audio signs and determine the freshness of signs left by animals